Local Handmade Cards For Sale at Posie Row

So busy these days making cards!

After a quick trial run of selling cards during the last five days of Christmas at Posie Row, I was excited when they asked me to bring down a whole line of cards for all occasions. But first I had to create a whole line of cards!

In July I dropped off 165 cards (33 styles in total) all created during my #100cardsin100days challenge. There are cards for retirement, birthday, baby, thank you, wedding, just because, etc.

They’ve only been in stock for a week but here are Posie Row’s best sellers which I will be replenishing very soon…

I wasn’t sure what people would respond to, but after much thought (and a bit of self-doubt), I settled on some of the things I love – colour, puns, cute animals, and watercolor.

Every card is made by hand, so sometimes words are off-center and colours go outside the lines. Those tiny imperfections are part of the charm and that’s how you know it’s handmade, right?

A huge thanks to Posie Row for agreeing to sell my cards back in December, and again now. My friend Kate has been telling me to bring cards down there since we lived together in 2007 – I even put it on my ‘30 goals for 30‘ list five years ago. So grateful to finally cross another thing off my bucket list.

Christmas cards will be available at the September 26th ‘Etsy Handmade’ Market at Anna Templeton Centre. More exciting news about selling cards coming soon.


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