Local Taco Challenge!

Did you hear about The Overcast Townie Taco Challenge?

The Townie Taco Challenge

Click on the PDF below if you’d like to print your own #TownieTaco checklist for the challenge.

{ Taco Time PDF! }

Can we chat for a minute about the taco selection? 15 entries and only one chicken taco & only one veggie taco (both from Fixed!) Could really use a scattered bean taco, am I right? I shouldn’t complain because there are a lot of tacos and this challenge will help spread taco awareness.

I’ve always felt that every restaurant should have tacos on the menu as an appetizer option – I’m sure that the popularity of this challenge will prove me right.

Unrelated to the taco challenge, but very much related to tacos… I was pretty ambivalent about Quintana’s (in Churchill Square) before they introduced their new BBQ Chicken Tacos last year (part of the Q’s Trio). They’re sweet and delicious, if you love tacos you should check them out if you’re not all taco’d out after February’s Taco Challenge.

To tie in this post with my regular content, here’s a custom Father’s Day Card I made last year…


I could tacobout tacos all day long but I’ll stop there.