About me…

The Short Story:

  • I make cards and stationery with ink, stamps, tape and other fun stuff
  • I love cats, cupcakes, obscure bands and randomly finding my handmade cards on Pinterest
  • I have 10 years of experience creating handmade invitations for weddings & events
  • I am enthusiastic about clean & simple design and keeping up with current trends

The Long Story:

My name is Meghan and I’m here to stamp.

On my first day of pre-school at a quaint little preschool called Happy Times, I strolled on in with my kitty cat backpack and announced “My name is Meghan and I’m here to paint”. You see, my mom had a hard time convincing me that I would enjoy preschool. In fact, I was very much anti-Happy Times until my clever mama said to me “but Meghan, you get to paint at Happy Times!” She has always known the way to my heart.

A similar situation emerged almost 20 years later in 2003 when my mom invited me to a stamping party.  Once again I was having no part of it, not the least bit interested. Mom neglected to mention the possibility of painting this time around, so I stayed home and off she went to make cards. Weeks later I was rummaging through my mother’s desk looking for a pen when I came across pages and pages of neatly stamped, crisp, clean Halloween images. Crayola-ahoy! I was on colouring cloud nine and haven’t looked back.

I’ve long since traded in my Crayolas for Copic Markers, Tombow brush pens, Zig Wink of Stellas, Twinkling H20s, water colour pencils and paints, and every other medium I can get my hands on. Colouring is still the most appealing part of stamping for me and I love it just as much as I did when I was 4.

Did you know that colouring can help adults combat stress? True story.

This is my cat, Milo. He’s pretty crafty too.


3 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Meghan…

    Just wandered on to your blog. Lovely cards… and the one with the poppy cutout was awesome.

    Happy stamping times… :))


  2. hey Meghan,

    You mentioned something about you helping organize a FPA reunion. Can you tell me where I can get my hands on a couple of tickets. I am living away on the mainland for a little while, but a FPA show is worth a trip back home for sure!! My email is jpcnfld@gmail.com.

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