About me…

The Short Story:

  • My name is Meghan and I’ve been making cards & stationery with ink, stamps, and digital art since 2004
  • I worked in the wedding industry designing invitations and coordinating wedding stationery for 16 years
  • I describe my cards as cute, quirky, and sometimes saucy and I tend to lean toward clean & simple design
  • A selection of cards are available on Etsy and in a few local shops around town: Pinpoint Ink, Posie Row, Home on Water, Whink, Newfoundland Weavery, Foggy Island Candles, and Adora Boutique
  • I’m always happy to prepare orders for local pick-up!
  • I have two cats and recently adopted my teenage niece, who sometimes helps me package cards. Otherwise, this is a one-woman show!

Upcoming Markets:

  • Saturday, January 30 •  9 – 4 • St. John’s Farmers’ Market • 245 Freshwater Road
  • Saturday, February 6 • 9 – 4 •  St. John’s Farmers’ Market • 245 Freshwater Road

My Etsy shop is open for global shipping!

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to send me a message on Etsy or Facebook. Most of the cards shown on my website or social media channels are available for purchase even if they’re not on Etsy.

For the most frequent posts and newest designs, be sure to visit me on Instagram and Facebook @driventoink