#50cardsin50days – Day 1

I finally have my own craft room (I’m house-sitting for six months) but sadly I’ve been experiencing a creative drought. Possibly burned out after making over 300 handmade holiday cards in November and December.

To give myself a little push, I’ve decided to make at least one card a day and post them on instagram for the next 50 days – #50cardsin50days. I’m sure I’ll probably have some days where I make 3 cards, and others where I make none. Here is the result of Day 1…

Mother - you are simply the best

I’ve been experimenting with photoshop and I redesigned my blog header using some graphics that I fell in love with. I’ve even created a few digital cards recently, here is a pretty little card I made in five minutes tonight…

Floral Wreath Digital copy

I wonder if anyone reads this anymore? Comment to say hello, if you’re out there 🙂