Shopping Local in St. John’s, NL – Every Which Way

I am very grateful to Tara Bradbury for offering to write a full-page article on me and my cards for today’s newspaper. I had friends and family calling, texting and commenting all day long to offer congrats. Here is the article, which appeared in print and online:

Card MakingAmongst all that hoopla, I recorded an interview with Jeremy Eaton of CBC today which will air on the radio sometime soon. The focus was on my Local Lyric Card project, which he also videotaped so it may even be on the web or TV. Eep! He came down to Posie Row to film me delivering the Lyric cards and even managed to capture someone buying one of my other cards. I snapped a blurry photo of the display on the cash desk (prime real estate!)

Card Making (10)As you can see, the cards are all very simple – stamped images and/or words on heavy cotton cardstock. The envelopes I’ve been using were a gift from my old friend Allison Book (who has one of the loveliest instagram accounts on the go.)

After I left Posie Row, I headed down to Twisted Sisters Boutik to drop off a re-order of cards for their newest location, 179 Water Street. Fixed Coffee recently installed a mobile espresso cart at Twisted Sisters and lucky for me, TODAY they had a free beverage promotion! I ordered a very delicious machiatto made by Mr. Fixed It – Greg himself.

I didn’t set out to give a play-by-play of my wanderings, but in keeping with the spirit of shopping local – why not! I popped into YellowBelly for some delicious nachos, then hit up Rocket Bakery for some delicious macarons.

After that I popped into TVAL to see if they sold bath bombs. I just checked out their website and it’s GORGEOUS – I didn’t know they sold online until I inquired today during my visit. I may or may not have bought a little present for my friend who is addicted to bath bombs (Tval calls them Bath Treats if you’re inclined to check them out.)

Shopping local is so important, and it’s a shame that we’re losing another local treasure – Urchin Art Materials & Artifact whoย  announced yesterday that they’re closing down. HOWEVER, if you check out The Paperie on Pippy Place, they have started carrying a lot of art materials and may even be able to special-order things for you. I worked there for 10 years, so that is where I bought 90% of my craft & art supplies – their prices beat Michael’s any day of the week! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, I’ll step off my soapbox now and go enjoy the free soap samples I was given at TVAL today, along with one of my bath treats. Here’s one more random picture for you…IMG_4429This is one of my favourite houses, on Monkstown Road in St. John’s. I took this photograph last fall and treated it in photoshop to get that pointillism effect. I’m thinking about printing and framing it, I love it so ๐Ÿ™‚