I made a quick congratulations card for my friend who just eloped – now that’s the way to do it! Part of me thinks it would be nice to tie the knot in front of all my friends and family, but the other part of me thinks… I’d rather spend that money on stamps. And maybe a honeymoon, but stamps most importantly. Maybe I will end up a crazy cat lady, with a hundred cat stamps and one cat (I’ve discovered that I am not too interested in scooping up after more than one kitty cat every day). But enough about me! Here’s that card I mentioned…

Click to enlarge

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A Muse Stamps used: Flourish frame, Bride & Groom, Congratulations MA.  I saw this Flourish frame on a sample that A Muse sent to The Paperie and I knew I had to have it. The stamp is actually half of a frame so you can make your frame as wide as you like – or use it alone as an accent. Gotta love versatility like that! The Bride & Groom is one of my go-to stamps for almost every wedding card I make.

I am a big worrier when it comes to repeating the same images on cards that are for the same people – that typically won’t happen for a wedding card, but for birthday’s and Christmas it’s nice to know who got what. For the last three years I have promised myself that I would make a book of my stamps so that a) I would know which ones I have (not that I could ever forget, each one is like a child to me) and b) I could record who has received what images.

Basically, the idea is to have an index card for every three stamps with the image/words and name of the stamp on it, then put the name of the people who have received a card using those stamps on the back. I started to make this book once using a 4×6 photo album and I hated it so I gave up. I think the only way is to make one from scratch – I should really get started on it soon because as my stamp collection grows it becomes an even bigger undertaking.

My goodness, I’m rambly today… since the theme of this blog entry is Congratulations, it seems only fitting to congratulate… MYSELF! *hehe*  My card for the A Muse “No Coloring Zone” Challenge made it to the A Muse Challenge Round-up on their Blog! YAY! I also had some projects featured over on the AccuCut blog on Thursday – pretty exciting stuff!

I can’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family tomorrow, this has been such an incredibly wonderful month and I truly do have so much to be thankful for. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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