A little bird told me…

Baby Annoucements
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A Muse Stamps used: Elephant & Baby and Little bird told me. This was a really easy project thanks to the AccuCut Card Portfolio die-cut – I cut a few corners by using the printer to print both the inside and outside of the annoucements, as seen below. I used the A Muse Kitchen Purple and Gingham pink papers for the portfolio, as well as A Muse twinkle stickers and ribbon.

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Welcome to the world baby Sarah Emily Baird Locke! This gift was a real crowd pleaser at Ally’s shower, I did up two matching portfolios, each with 12 annoucements in them (24 total) and I decorated one annoucement in each portfolio so she would know what they were going to look like. I had to take them back so I could print the details inside when Sarah was born, but that could be avoided by leaving a line for the mom to fill in the information herself. The elephants on the cards are all hand stamped and cut out of Bo Bunny double dot cardstock. I included a pack of pink photo corners with the gift so All would be able to attach her own chosen photos before sending out the annoucements. I’ll have to remember to post a picture of the inside as well when mine arrives 🙂

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