Pajama Party – Challenge #3

I always seem to use my Zinnia stamps and they just weren’t going to work for my favourite flower (Lilacs) so I had to improvise. I used the two little flower stamps from the Cupcake Builder stamp set to create this pretty little branch of lilacs, and I used the Leaf frond stamp for the leaves.

Click to enlarge


Thanks to my mother I have always shared her love of lilacs – they are her favourite flower and every spring we used to go to graveyards to pick lilacs. Shocking, I know – we are practically grave robbers. Don’t tell!

8 thoughts on “Pajama Party – Challenge #3

  1. The best graveyard for lilacs is the one of Waterford Bridge road! Also has some great old rose bushes. I’ve tried to propagate some of them – but I always think people will think I’m very strange taking clippings of graveyard rosebushes.

    great card BTW.

    • Thanks for the hot tip Mary Ann! I’ll have to scope out that graveyard – it’s in walking distance to my apartment 😉

  2. still giggling that we picked the same flower 😉
    i TOO went to graveyards with my gram and picked them!!! they are NH’s state flower so they were EVERYWHERE and i loved it 😉

    thanks for playing!!

  3. This card is so awesome! LOVE that you thought so “out of the box” – when I was a little girl (8) in Illinois we had a big Lilac bush in our front yard and I still remember how wonderful it smelled!!

    • My mom is from Elgin, Illinois! She had a lilac bush in her front yard as well 🙂

      I was planning to use the mini flower for my lilac branch, but I still had the teeny flowers out from the card I made for Jennie’s challenge – worked out pretty well! 🙂

  4. Too fun Meghan! I *stalk* our farmers market for lilacs every year 🙂 Can’t grow them where I am, but the dude who grows apples in the mountains brings in buckets for me to swoon over – LOL. Very clever to use that little flower to make lilacs

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