Queen Anne’s Lace

Here’s a quick peek at one of the cards we’ll be making in my upcoming Fancy Florals class on Tuesday night at The Paperie…

Click to enlarge

I fell in love with this stamp the minute I saw it – and although I promised myself “no more flowers”, sometimes you just gotta keep up with the Joneses. Jones’s? Jones’? Whatever – Queen Anne’s Lace is technically a weed, so there. I may  have purchased a few other flowers, here or there… ahem.

Look at THIS box, pretty exciting right?

Click to enlarge

No, they’re not all mine. Sadly. Just seven of them… plus the Queen Anne’s Lace. You’ll have to sign up for my class on Tuesday to see the rest of the stamps I bought – there’s only one space left 😉

Perhaps I’ll provide another sneak peek before the weekend is over – have a good one!

3 thoughts on “Queen Anne’s Lace

  1. Dearest Meghan- You are wonderful yet a wee wisp of wickedness simmers within! You showing that box of stamps is genius- wickedly genius but oh soooooo lovely too! Suppose this warrants a drop in… what a surprise! See you soon- you fiend (oops- meant friend!)

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