Happy Friday 13th

It’s been awhile, so I thought I would share a few birthday cards I’ve made. This one was made today in a mad-rush…

Click to enlarge

 Stamps used: A Muse Marigold, Leaf Trio; Hero Arts Old Letter Writing; computer generated sentiment.

The second card is one that I brought out to Seattle in October to give Linda for her birthday – Linda is the owner of A Muse and it was such a pleasure to meet her and become part of the A Muse family. I was tickled to find out that Linda’s great grandfather is actually from St. John’s – small world, hey!?


A Muse stamps: Octopus, Seaweed, Tiny Hat, Submarine, Simply Sublime.

Love that Octopus, as you can tell from my Blog header – I had my friend Erin design my header around the A Muse Octopus, and thought it would be cute if his little  mouth was an “o” of surprise, after making such a mess with the ink. The Octopus was designed by A Muse Illustrator Nina Seven, who draws many of my favourite A Muse images. Cute cute cute!

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