Washi Wednesday Challenge: Cover Letter

I could not resist this weeks Washi Wednesday challenge on the Freckled Fawn blog (I am Doe). You get a $5 Freckled Fawn gift certificate just for playing along!

Doe posted an adorable wooden letter covered in washi tape, and posed the challenge for her followers to cover a letter too. Here is my take on the challenge:

I made this “E” shaped shelf in ninth grade woodworking class. When I drew up the plan, my teacher said that this shelf couldn’t work. I wouldn’t accept that, so I made it anyway – now 18 years later I still have a sturdy little shelf. And lookie there – the edges are all the perfect size for washi tape! I used the Aqua Airmail tape from Freckled Fawn all around to dress it up. I was tempted to wrap the entire shelf in washi tape… but… I’m still at the hoarding stage. Miiine. My precious.

My kitty milo popped in during the photoshoot to sniff around. He loves to play with washi tape, so I keep it safely stowed in a clear cracker container.

Do you like my silver ampersand? I have a green one too… I was going to keep one at work and one on my desk at work, but Sara suggested that I start collecting them. Oooh! I must buy a wooden one and cover it in Washi Tape!

I have the weekend off, and am planning to hit up some more antique stores. I’m on a quest for old aqua Ball Mason jars. What are your plans for the weekend?

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