A quick update…

I finally got around to making a Blog header. I knew I wanted to use the A Muse Octopus somehow… but inspiration hadn’t really struck until tonight when I was looking at Heather’s Blog header. The little birdie perched on her title sang to me – a little bird told me… “go for it”.  So I did.

45 minutes later, I mucked up the “graphic” you see above using MS Paint.

I haven’t had a chance to make a single card since Sunday, but here’s a glimpse at the Cupcake show…

I have four more Cupcake cards to whip up for my upcoming card class at The Paperie so I’m really hoping for that snow day tomorrow. After March 1st I don’t want to see another cupcake for at least… a week. 🙂

5 thoughts on “A quick update…

  1. On your carousel rack for the cards…..what is the plastic holder you have the A*Muse cards in? I too have a card spinner and the amuse cards are a little too small and fall out. I’d love to know what plastic holder you have them in!

    thanks so much!!

    • That rack belongs to the store I work at – The Paperie. I believe the rack and the inserts were purchased from My Mind’s Eye, a Scrapbooking company. You may want to send them a picture if you want to inquire, as I believe they have various sizes – ours is 5.25 wide by 5″ tall when it’s assembled. You may want to find a size that fits the rack you already have so measure it up and send them the specs. Hope this helps! 🙂

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