Inspired by HRR

I have been inspired by Julie Ebersole for a couple of years now. I won’t lie, meeting Julie in Seattle in October was the highlight of my entire trip and I have the fan-girl picture to prove it… 

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 The Monthly A Muse Challenge over in the A Muse Lounge is to create a card inspired by Julie Ebersole. Sounds pretty easy, but it was actually hard for me to choose my inspiration for the card I’m about to show you. I could’ve easily drawn inspiration from any and every card that Julie has made but I thought it fitting to use a stamp that Julie herself designed. I chose THIS card (click) as my inspiration because I loved the colours, here’s what I came up with… 

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I didn’t have room to fit the whole greeting, so I omitted the word “sincere” and just stamped “thanks” on the card, accenting the word with a few gemstones I coloured with a Copic marker. This is actually the solid Chrysanthemum stamp but I used a ultra fine tip black pen to draw the outline. I broke out my old favourite tool for this card – my paper Crimper! I love that thing and I don’t know if I’ll ever tire of it – do you think it’ll ever make a comeback? Let’s have a Crimper revival – but no hair crimping please. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Inspired by HRR

  1. Your story is so amazing. How can someone like me try to do this same thing that you did and get a job with these great people. Are you really from Newfoundland, Canada? If so, I am too. I am glad for your success anyway, but if you are from there than I am even more proud, because scrapbooking and stamping is only lifting off now. I used to have my own store back about 6 years ago and the interest in Central Newfoundland wasn’t there, but now things are changing. And someone like yourself who is so creative can help pump up the excitement. I think I might know that Daycare that you mentioned. Lol! Congrats sweetie you so deserve this good fortune.

    • Hi Dana – thanks for the kind words! I am indeed from St. John’s – I’ve been working at the local scrapbooking and stamping store for the last five years – The Paperie in St. John’s (near the Avalon Mall). When A Muse put out a call for Instructors, they were originally looking only in the States – so I emailed them and asked “would you consider accepting an application from someone all the way over in Newfoundland?” They wrote me back and said they’d love to receive my application and see a sample of my work, so I applied and submitted four cards. A few weeks later I heard back from Julie Ebersole herself that I was accepted to the team!

      As an Instructor for A Muse I am an independent Contractor, and thus am free to travel to various stores that promote A Muse stamps to teach classes. Being that we are so isolated here in Newfoundland, I don’t get a chance to travel so I am currently teaching classes at The Paperie, but I have recently been asked to teach some card making classes at the Anna Templeton Center downtown as well. I never really imagined that I would get a chance to travel to Seattle and meet Julie Ebersole, Linda Carnell, Jenn Shurkus and all the other wonderful members of the A Muse Team but The Paperie helped get me there last year once I was accepted to the team – it’s been a wild ride and I am living proof that it can happen to anyone! 🙂

      • Oh my goodness! So glad to hear that I am right. Lol! Yoo hoo! You so deserve this Meghan. I have heard of the Paperie but didn’t know it was back home. Can you give me the link to your store if you have one that is. I am sure it is amazing. Ya, I did move away from home in 98, been living in the Maritimes since than. I love scrapbooking and cardmaking and you can check out my blog to see more upcoming pics of recent projects. I love Hero Arts and just heard about A Muse stamps and now I am in love and need to get my hands on some. Thanks so much for sharing your story with me. I am so inspired. I would love to work for a product company. I am excited to be getting a layout published in the summer issue of Canadian Scrapper coming out soon. I haven’t done much with layouts lately, mostly cards and I love looking at your blog for inspiration. So glad and excited for you and jumping up and down for my new friend on The Rock. Newfies rock! Ya I am a little biasis. Lol! Putting you in my favorites list for sure and hoping to stay in touch. Much happiness and hugs being sent your way.


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