Card Drive for the SPCA!

Card Drive for the SPCA!


The Paperie is having a Card Drive! Here is your opportunity to do something you love and give back to your community at the same time! Create 5 (or more) handmade cards for any occasion, bring them into us at The Paperie, and we will donate them to the local SPCA Spring Sale on April 17th. The cards can be all the same or all different – you choose the cards, we (at The Paperie) will package them up for you, and send them off to the SPCA sale! Don’t forget to pop by St. Mary’s Church Auditorium on April 17th to support this special organization if you’re in the area!

Cards from outside the province are welcome too – please post-mark no later than April 8th to ensure they reach us in time! Don’t worry about creating something brand new, if you already have a few cards in your stash send ’em on over! 🙂

The Paperie

36 Pippy Place

St. John’s, NL

A1B 3X4

3 thoughts on “Card Drive for the SPCA!

  1. Sorry Megan I guess I read the date wrong! But if this extended please email me and I can send off some cards too you. And what a better place than my old stampin grounds. I so miss home! Lol! Off to google and see if I can find out more about your store.

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