30 goals for 30

I started reading back through Sarah’s Blog and came across this list that I decided to “borrow”.  I’ve actually been making mental notes of my goals since I turned 30 in August, and this week I even crossed a few items off the list – woot! I’ll check back once a week to see if I have anything new to cross off my list. Some items will need to be worked on throughout the year, so I’ll have to repost on August 1st when I turn 31 and see how I did 🙂

http://www.criminalgrace.com/?p=2247 (check out the rest of her blog for tons of inspiration).

30 Goals for my 30th Year:

  1. get my learner’s permit and learn how to drive (september 10th)
  2. figure out how to use my canon rebel
  3. do something that terrifies me
  4. get my taxes done (shocking, i know) (april 10th!)
  5. make at least two cards a week
  6. redesign the website at work
  7. live by myself (as of may 1st!)
  8. keep a camera in my purse for all those kodak moments
  9. sell things that i just don’t use (ie: my computer desk)
  10. buy my very own brand new laptop – no more hand-me-downs!
  11. get a grown-up comforter for my bed  (august 18th)
  12. quit drinking diet pepsi (do i have to?)
  13. see the northern lights
  14. travel outside canada (september 23-28th, flew to orlando, back to toronto, took a bus to buffalo)
  15. read at least one book per month
  16. weed through my belongings
  17. go to deep water fitness every week
  18. learn how to cook and eat healthier
  19. get 8 hours of sleep a night
  20. start a savings account (april 15th!)
  21. make jewelry to sell
  22. sell my handmade cards in stores downtown (2015! FINALLY!)
  23. go somewhere to see built to spill live (a girl can dream) (september 28th, 2010 in buffalo, NY)
  24. sort out my dual (american) citizenship (september 14th)
  25. see my niece more often
  26. keep a paper journal
  27. drive across the country (okay, so that probably won’t happen this year)
  28. get a credit card  (april 15th!)
  29. rely on myself more
  30. contribute something to a charity (september, it wasn’t a lot but i donated to the a muse calendar project and emailed others to participate as well – hopefully made a small difference in donations). organized a charitable bake sale at the work on valentine’s day weekend and another on easter weekend. donated to heavenly creatures when their donation boxes were stolen in march).

(updated on april 15h, t2011 – crossed a few more off the list!)
(updated again in August, 2015 – crossed a lot more off the list!)

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