It’s been a Calendar Year

Hooray, A Muse Calendars are now available for download by donation. This years cause is to support Charley’s Fund – read more about it here.

This is my first time actually finishing an A Muse Calendar, if you can believe that. I was going to use the Bind-it-All but then I thought “what else could I do with this?” Then it came to me. A tear-away calendar!

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I started with the A2 A Muse Calendar pages mounted on black cardstock, then perforated with the Scor-Bug 0.5 inches from the top (it’s best to go back and forth a few times for extra perforations because there are two layers). The top of the calendar pages were punched with the Crop-a-dile and then taped together with Scor-tape above the holes so you can easily tear away the pages one month at a time. The ribbon is threaded through the back of the calendar out through the lip of the matchbook and tied in a bow.

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It stands up nicely on its own, but once I start tearing pages away each month I will likely prop it up on a little easel or a CD jewel case. I went fairly basic with the stamping because I had it all taped together before figuring out what I wanted to put on each page – talk about doing things backwards! Definitely not recommended 🙂

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